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Monday, May 2, 2016 | 10:30 PM | 0 hearts♥
Salam and hai

to whoever stumble upon on my blog... oh well, actually, i just happen discover my blog! no kidding! i just discover my blog... hahahahahaha... my last post was 2012, and now is May 2016 and its almost 4 freaking years baby!

i might writing again *grins*

btw, i already finished my Degree life and for past less than 2 month, i keep changing my jobs 3 times already.. and it might happen, again! hahahahaa.. wish me luck to get permanent job, shall we? thank you gais.. we will see o my next write up!

faraa bella :*

Sunday, November 4, 2012 | 11:02 AM | 0 hearts♥
salam :)

sedikit pengertian tentang sabar.. tentang situasi aku sekarang ini..

Rasulullah ‘Alaihi Solatu Wassalam bersabda yang bermaksud: “Sabar itu sebahagian daripada iman.”(Riwayat Al-Baihaqi). Ertinya, tanpa iman tidak akan ada kesabaran.

Sabda Rasulullah yang bermaksud: “Dan solat itu laksana sinar rembulan, sedekah itu bukti keimanan, sedangkan sabar itu laksana sinar matahari.”(Riwayat Muslim)

Perfectly Graduated
Saturday, November 3, 2012 | 10:34 AM | 1 hearts♥
salam and Saturday morning u'olls :))

okay, i know, i've being 'peram' these picture so loooooong.. from February 2012, and now its November 2012.. freaking jeruk.. yes, i know that.. and its very tasty delicious one.. heeee :D

finally! i got my Diploma.. yaaaaay! freaking happy, everyone happy.. worth with 3 years of not-really-hectic-student-life if i compared with my degree life here.. its suck! wish a day have 48 hour.. hew3... so, jyeah! enjoyce the picture and some rambling inside.. huwa3..

happy face

freaking happy face.. see the teeth? jongang much? hahahaha...

this picture freaking otai.. im holding my file sooo wrongly.. duh! by the end of the stage, baru teringat.. daaaaag!

oh, these 3 picture, up there.. i never receive them from the official photog, sad uh.. me iz sad.. every week called ze photoq.. wheeeeere my freaking picture, why im still not get the parcel and the others da dapat... rage! rage! rage!

but luckily, my coursemate, hear my devastated feeling not get thoooose graduated picture.. its important y'know.. VERY! so, she's search from the DVD that she's got from that parcel.. search my picture and waallllaaah! there it is... thanks  Aqidah baby, i owe you big time! mwa! hehehe

 oh, down here.. from my freaking tiny camera.. hehee.. enjoyce!

with ze 3 years heart beating and still beating.. rinduuuuuu korg.. tsk!

classmate, ze girls.. hehehe...

since my freaking tiny camera out of battery *to much camwhoring inside the dewan* pinjam la camera kawan.. hehe.. with mum.. and dad, jaga kereta, parking tade.. heew.. afterwards, g kedai gambar, tangkap gambar which is cantik sangat... but i dont hv scanner right now, so neeeext! 

a day before... ambik jubah.. my jubah size L and its freaaaaaking BIG.. dont have to outer it, just prayed dont loose when at the stage.. hehehe..

and met these boys.. dorang sesi petang, caused they in different course (read : im Civil and they Mechanical boyband) which is, magaaaad.. ak da hantar jubah da weeeeyh.. hahaha... they sucha pain in the ass, but still, they still my friend... hehe

okay.. toddles.. wait from another post from me..might another week or month.. hahaha.. love ya!

Monday, October 8, 2012 | 9:02 AM | 2 hearts♥
salam and good morning people :)

its Monday and i have class at 10 a.m later.. hew3.. dont you hate Monday? jyeah! sucking with it.. luckily my class at 10 a.m on Monday.. hehehe..

oh jyeah! i found these kittens at my balcony and they super freaking cuteeeee...!!!!!!

they lucky to have me... cuz i love love love kitten.. so much love.. gonna buy them milk and some food for kitten later.. gah! aren't they cute? hehehe.. i love them.. oh my god! i loveeeeee kitten.. oh my, how much i said 'love'.. daaang! 


fall in love with this one.. named it Jacob Black.. hahaha.. Twilight much? kahkahkah

and these 3.. love them.. i called them The Triplet.. cuz dont name it yet.. hew3

no Twilight.. might insert some Gossip Girl.. ahaha

from left Chuck, Blair and Serena.. perfecto! hahaha

okay, now i hv to get ready for class.. later people :)

status changed
Tuesday, October 2, 2012 | 10:10 AM | 0 hearts♥
salam people :))

pardon to my laziness to update my ze blog.. due to laziness..laziness..laziness.. and my karangan were so bad right now, dunno what to bebel here, and ze blog were abandoned.. poor you baby.. kekekeke... here i am, at HOSTEL.. pardon me, at HOSTEL.. geezzz...!!! can  you guess where i am right now?? well, im currently at Uniten for work.. hahahaha... JK! for studies of course! hew3.. so buh-bye job-with-naise-gaji-but-suck-have-to-see-boss-everyday.. and helllooooo books and being a student. hew3

well, first of all... Orientation week were suck! we'all known that.. felt like living in jail something liddat.. and right after the Majlis Penutup Orientasi.. i had a feveeeer.. yep, double suck! but its nice been sick people.. we can manje/gedik stuff liddat... kekekeke.. got myself western food at Kg Baru from loved ones.. and my parents pick me up at PJ.. all the way from Slim River, after go to Ipoh.. take my lil bro report card.. ze report card were sad.. he's failed in Chemist and Lukisan Kejuruteraan. duh! on TRIAL SPM..

as a Degree (TC) student, which mean, Transfer Credit student.. we'all fighting over for moooooore TC.. you know, 1 subject that have 3 credit hour, gonna cost you around 1.5k... geez! thats soo expansive yaw.. so far, i've got 20 hour credit.. so, im gonna try use Manual Transfer Credit, which mean, you gonna see ze dean to fight with it.. hew3... and to be honest with you all, my family, mum and dad, not even affordable with that kind of money.. this sem, im taking 5 subject, 16 credit hour, cost me nearly 5.5k yaw.. that can cost me to buy new macbook yaw T.T

if you cant afford that kind of money, why Uniten? well, my mum force me to 'involve' myself into Uniten and books... she's said im the eldest must shows exemplary to my siblings, that the foremost thing at all.. yep, its tough to be an eldest.. plus my mum were a Teacher.. PK HEM lagi.. so, she's very laaaa TEGAS in this studies thinggy =,="
and 1 more thing.. its the forth times im applying UPU.. so, its tough.. really tough.. if u have insider, just used them.. its like our result is not that important cuz one of my friend, who is ze pointer quite low than me, got UPU.. and mine? RAGE and gigit jari like seriously! and one day, i find out, they used an insider to get UPU *sigh!

oh ya, im applying Mara Loan, YTN loan and Bank Rakyat loan.. so, wish me luck people.. just i have 1 suck thing here.. have to do a karangan for Mara loan.. cis!

gambar group mase orientasi.. group plg last and plg pailang.. kbai!